global forex institute free classes Ok, you caught us. We really like a good selfie and sometimes that is just what a website about section really needs. Honestly though if it isn’t very good quality it won’t do much good.

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So, what makes for a great selfie?

اسعار الذهب اليوم في السعودية بيع Find your face’s best side Every model, actress and politician knows their good side. Do you? Luckily we live in the digital age where there is a camera on everyone’s phone, tablet, computer, and toothbrush (trust us, it’s coming) there is no reason not to take a bunch of test shots. Take them from all angles making sure to get different angles and sides of your face. Once you are done, go through and find your best side. Research.

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Get some light on the situation

فتح حساب في البنك الأهلي أسهم Lighting is super important. If you take it in the dark, nobody will see you obviously. If you take it under those harsh florescent lights at the office you are going to turn out looking like someone from The Walking Dead. So, find some nice warm light that isn’t too harsh. Take it in front of a window or outside but make sure that the light is not behind you and is not hitting you front a single source directly on your face. You want reflected light or ambient light to get the best selfie. Early morning or late afternoon is the ideal time.

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Master the angle

موقع بيع وشراء الذهب مباشر Hold the camera above your head and shooting down at about a 45 degree angle. This will make you look slim and trim in your selfie.

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Don’t duck face

بيع اسهم بنك الريان Nobody likes it.  It just looks silly.

Use a filter

سعر الذهب السعودي Experiment with filters like Inkwell or Willow in Instagram to wash out those lines and dark circles from your complexion

Don’t forget about where you are اخبار الاسهم Yeah, a selfie is about you sure, but think about where you are too. Perfect smile, perfect light, perfect angle and a toilet in the background does not make for a great selfie. اسهم السعودية اليوم مباشر So there you have it. Now get out there and start snapping selfies like a pro!

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