What is a responsive website?

What is a responsive website?

We hear it all the time. The site needs to be responsive. Is it responsive? Responsive! So what is a responsive website anyway? A responsive website is one provides the optimal viewing experience to the end user, specifically as to how it relates to the platform the user is accessing the site through. Simply put, this means regardless of the device someone is using be it a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, the website is accessible, attractive and useful. Responsive websites are becoming more and more vital to a business because of the wide array of devices people are access website from. Websites need to take this into account so that the end user has the same experience accessing the website from their phone as they do from their desktop. This does not mean that it is the exact experience, but rather an experience that is optimized for their screen size.

What makes a website responsive?

Websites that are designed responsively operate on the concept of flexibility. They must be flexible to respond to the various screen sizes that their visitors will access their site with.
Responsive sites achieve this flexibility in several ways including hiding or showing different portions of the site or images depending on the screen size. This allows the site to be easy to read, navigate and use from a wide range of devices all from a single website.
DesignBy2s makes all of their websites responsive unless specifically told otherwise. If you would like more information about having your own responsive website please let us know.

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