3 Design Tips for Lincoln Nebraska Small Businesses and Startups

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3 Design Tips for Lincoln Nebraska Small Businesses and Startups

If you have a small business or are thinking about starting a business in the future, here are a few design tips for you to think about.

Create a brand identity

You brand includes a logo, consistent fonts, a color palette and design elements that will be used throughout all of your marketing materials. Anyone can start a business, but to be a successful business you need customers. Your customers as well as potential customers will start to recognize and build a brand loyalty with you as long as they can recognize it is you.

Create brand awareness

Ok, so you have your logo and business cards, now what?
Now it is time to use your brand assets to develop a marketing strategy. Each business’ marketing strategy will vary depending on their target demographic, goals and budget, but they all should remain consistent through your brand identity. Every time you use your brand identity you help your customers and potential customers recognize your business which will help build awareness.

Design a user friendly website

Every business can benefit from using a website as an informational sales and marketing tool, but most without usability most of the gains are lost. You not only need to think about what your customers and potential customers will want and need from your website but how they will use it to get the information that they need. Are they coming from a desktop machine or a phone? Are they looking for your locations or product information? The bottom line is to get the information that they need to them as easily as possible.
If your small business or startup needs some help building their brand identity, brand awareness or your website, get in touch with us. We would be happy to partner with you and help grow Lincoln.

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Jon Tewes

Hi I’m Jon and I am the founder of DesignBy2s which is a web design and development shop that is servicing the Lincoln Nebraska area. I have that rare combination of being both a web developer and a web designer which helps ensure that if we work together your website will not only look great, but perform great as well.

If you are interested in having a website created, your existing site updated or are not sure where to start, I would love to talk with you about your project.

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