What is Online Audience Optimization

If you have a website you probably have heard about search engine optimization and how you really need to have your site optimized. You may have leaned about how you need to find out what your best keywords are for your website. And link building, don’t forget link building. Very important. H1 tags, meta data, keyword density, blah blah blah. And don’t forget, it’s a moving target that is constantly evolving. New strategies and methods to help improve your rankings. Who has the time and energy for this?

Well, times have changed and so has Google. Google’s search algorithm has evolved, they have been improving search results and killing cutting out the bad guys. Keyword stuffing, content farms, spammers and other black hat techniques are no longer a viable option. Google has also made searching more secure which means that as a website owner, you no longer know what keywords people are using to find your site.

With all these changes Google is working to really help the searchers find the information that they want and need even simpler. By changing the focus of the search algorithm to work to understand the meaning of search queries and indexed pages rather than focusing on keywords and backlinks they are getting the really good stuff up to the top of the search results.

Enter the new SEO, Online Audience Optimization

Online Audience Optimization (or OAO if you like acronyms) is simpling making a page or website relevant to the way people engage the online content. More or less give them what they really want. Create high-quality content and have a consistent presence across the web to generate new and repeat visitors to your site. This new methodology along with some traditional SEO techniques will really help your website rankings.

How to use OAO today

Don’t freak out about keywork density.

Keywords are still important, but use them wisely. As I mentioned above, Google is trying to understand the indexed pages and search queries so there is no need to try and fit your keywords into every sentence.

Build your brand.

The content of your website should be built around your brand and what you company’s mission is. Content for content’s sake is no longer king. Great content that is useful is and builds your brand is.

Get social.

Social media provides one of the strongest methods of building your brand and your website. Get accounts on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Once you have the accounts, don’t just broadcast. Be social. Interact with people and network.

Find your niche audience.

Your goal should be to provide content for the people that will most likely become customers. It is worthless to increase the traffic to your site if none of the stay and become customers. Find out who they are provide what they want and need.

Encourage participation.

Google really likes when people spend more time on your site. It shows that the information that the person was looking for was found and this was a positive search result. So how do you get people to stay on the site? Engage them and encourage participation. Promote active discussions, polls, quizes, reader-submitted content and social sharing.

Optimize for mobile.

Nearly 70% of searching is first done with a mobile device. If your site is not optimized for mobile, they are not going to stick around.

Define goals.

Whenever someone comes to your site, you want them to do something. Right? If not, you better figure out why you have a website. This goal could be to buy your product, download a whitepaper or contact you. Regardless, you need to have an end goal that is identifiable and trackable.

Search enging optimization is not dead. SEO is still very important, it is just changing a little. Online Audience Optimization is just the latest trend but it is a trend that is really going to change the way people get the information that they need and building a relationship with your brand, your products or even with you. OAO can be merged with your current SEO stragegies to help you build a strong and ongoing relationship with your visitors. That is what we are after isn’t it? Building a relationship with your visitors that will then share, evangelize, and trust you and your brand.

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