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DesignBy2s has been designing websites for Lincoln Nebraska area small businesses for over 10 years.  We strive to build sites for our clients that drive website engagement, are built with the latest standards and are visually stunning.  Every website we build is built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Mobile friendlyness (Responsive design) in mind.  Although we have worked  with clients around the world, our passion providing the best web design here in the heartland and with Nebraska small businesses.

Are you looking to bring your business online or refresh your existing site?  From simple page updates and website maintenance to a completely new website design or a complete solution built from the ground up, we can help.

What We Do

Web Design

This is our wheelhouse and where we really shine. Every site we build starts with finding out what you really need to make your business succeed. Building upon this knowledge you will get a custom website that is built with your business in mind. We are constantly looking at new technologies and methodologies to wow you.


Most website development companies deliver off the shelf solutions that look good but really lack what your business needs. We understand that we do not live in a one size fits all world, and will develop a custom solution for your unique situation.


Every site that DesignBy2s builds is built with Search Engine Optimization in mind. We work with you to help improved search engine rankings, website traffic and conversions.


Over 95% of the websites that we build use a content management system as the backend. Why? Because they get results! Since not every site is the same, we work with multiple content management systems to ensure that the site you get is what you need for today and in the future.


Good design starts with a good user experience strategy. We will work with you to understand your business and goals to build the foundation of of a successful experience for your visitors.


Traditional offline media has always had a difficult time quantifying its impact. This is not true for the web. Using applications and services like Google Analytics or Site Catalyst you can know how many visitors you have had, but where the traffic comes from, how long they stayed and what they did next.


Once you are on the web, your business is always open. We are here to help keep things running smoothly. Is there something broken? Are you not getting service from your old web company? Need something added to your site or extend what you have? We can help.

Graphic Design

Graphic design covers a wide range of topics and so does our approach and services. From logo design to printed brochures to artwork for your website, DesignBy2s can design it and have it ready for your project.


Are you not sure what you even need or where to start? We are happy to help talk with you about your business and your goals to make sure you get the right fit. Even if that means that we direct you to another service provider.

Take Control of Your Website

Most of the websites we build for our clients are built using a Content Management System(CMS) like WordPress or Joomla.  A CMS is software that stores the content for your website and enables people from your team to easily edit the site without needing to have specialized tools or knowledge.  We take the complicated work of building out your site into the CMS, and then hand you and your team the keys to your site and you can add or update content as you like.

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Find out how DesignBy2s can help you create you first website or give your current site an SEO tune up.

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