Frequently Ask Questions

Where are you located?
DesignBy2s is located in Lincoln Nebraska, USA.  Go Huskers!
What size businesses can you help?
We can (and do) provide services from single member startups to Fortune 100 companies. We pride ourselves on being able to provide services based on a goal based strategy.
How do I know which services or features I need?
That’s what we are here for! Every business is different, but many have the same needs: more clients, more sales, more profit, increased recognition, better reputation, quality staff, etc. We conduct an initial needs assessment to determine your audience, goals and what makes your business unique in the industry and make a recommendation that fits within your timeline and budget.
I need a website that myself or someone on my staff can update. Can you make this happen?
Of course. Nobody likes to wait on someone else to get things done, so if it fits your need, you site will be powered by a content management system that allows the owner or staff to update copy on your website. And depending on your needs, we can also provide additional functionality, such as blogs, news, calendars, portfolios, etc, that allow more sophisticated updates. And it’s a cinch to update your website, if you can use Microsoft Word, you can update your website.
Does this mean I am on my own once the website is launched?
Of course not, we will be here to help you if needed. You certainly can completely take over your site updates and maintenance or we can discuss a maintenance plan where we are helping you each month to make sure your site is running a peak performance.
Do you provide training on how to update the website?
Yes, each site we build that uses a content management system includes training on how to use and maintain your website. It’s actually pretty simple and should take less than an hour.
What if I want to start small and grow the website over time?
We want to make sure that the site you get is a site that fits where you are today and where you plan to be in the next 9-18 months. Learning what you think you may need in the future will really assist in determining what you need today. Based off of our conversations, we will make a recommendation on what features your website needs to have on launch, and because we design and develop all of our websites to evolve over time we make it as easy as possible to add new features and content as your business grows or changes.
Do the websites you create display properly on mobile devices?
Yes! Every site we build is completely responsive which display perfectly on all devices from smartphones to widescreen TV’s. And because the website “responds” to the device, it provides an ideal visitor experience from any device.
How much should I budget for a proper website?
This varies wildly depending on goals and needs as well as the platform you decide to build on. We help businesses navigate these issues and can generally provide a solution that meets both need and budget. After conducting our needs assessment we provide a range of pricing based on your goals.
I need a very sophisticated website. Can you handle a large custom build?
Yes. We’re a custom web design and development site. We’ve developed extremely sophisticated websites and love to build lasting relationships with our clients.
Do you create e-Commerce websites?
Yes. For over 15 years, we have been involved with the e-commerce space on a number of different levels. From designing simple e-commerce sites that utilize off the shelf solutions to complete integration with Merchant of Record e-commerce services we have experienced it in the past. Not sure which route is best for you, we are happy to discuss.
How involved would I need to be in the development of the website?
There will need to be some involvement, since who knows your business as good as you do? That being said, you can be as involved as you’d like to be. We will ask the right questions to ensure you get the website you need.
I don’t see an example in your portfolio of a website for my industry. Should this matter?
Not to worry, we have worked on or consulted with companies from all over the world in industries from software to industrial to corporate to mom & pop shops.
How long does it generally take to create a website?
This completely depends on the size and scope of the project and what our current load. Generally speaking our sites can take 30 days to up to 4 months, depending on the size and functionality. Need it quick? Ask us about our rapid development service.
Can you update my current website?
Maybe. We want to make sure anything we work on is going to work well for you. Sometimes things are too outdated or poorly made to make much of a difference, but if there is an emergency to get your site back up and running, we can certainly take a look.
Do you develop apps?
Yes, but we mostly develop mobile and responsive web solutions. The vast majority of clients that contact us looking for app development really need a mobile web application. If you truly need an app, we can help. Don’t know the difference? Reach out and chat with us.
Who will be creating the content for my website?
Typically, we want to work with your team for the content. After all, who knows your business like you do? We do stress that we want to work with you on the content though. We will help outline the various areas of your site that need to be there and provide you with some ideas of what needs to be there.
I want my website to be ranked highly on Google and other search engines. Do you provide SEO?
Oh yes we do. A great looking website is useless if you do not get visitors. Each site we build is made with SEO in mind.
Where will my website be hosted?
We can host your site or you can host your site with your own provider. It doesn’t matter to us. Too often we are contacted by companies that had hosting through their “web guy” that has since moved on or isn’t responding to their calls for help. So we often suggest that if you are worried about this, you take as much under your own control as you can. If you do decide to host with DesignBy2s, we offer premium hosting services and have been around for 15 years. We are not going anywhere.
I see you are in Lincoln Nebraska. Can you work with someone out of town?
You betcha! We have worked with clients from coast to coast in the US and with companies from across Europe and the Middle East.
Do you provide custom design or templates?
We prefer, and recommend, a full custom website design that fits your needs and goals like a glove. However, If you have a limited budget that prohibits custom website design, we offer a range of other solutions including, but not limited to, theme or template modification.